Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)

The Crime Scene Investigations Unit (CSI) is comprised of civilian technicians who are trained in crime scene photography, evidence collection, processing, and documentation. They are also called upon as court-appointed experts in crime scene investigation, shooting reconstruction, fingerprint identification, and digital/video evidence. Forensic Technicians routinely respond to all types of crime scenes and work late night, on-call shifts.

Our Forensic Science Technicians are a vital unit within the Suffolk Police Department. They work closely with officers and other Department personnel to process evidence, document crime scenes, and ensure the proper handling of all materials and records related to a scene, both physical and digital. This amounts to a huge segment of the work that must be done in order for the Department to operate efficiently. Because of these dedicated professionals, we are able to resolve open cases and pursue justice for those affected by crime in our city.

City of Suffolk Police Department
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