Underwater Search & Recovery Unit (Dive Team)

The Suffolk Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team, also known as the Dive Team, is comprised of police officers, a sergeant, a lieutenant, and a captain. This ancillary team is responsible for all dive operations, underwater searches, and recoveries or water bound evidence with the Suffolk Police Department. This includes the recovery of victims in water related incidents, the collection of evidence, and all aquatic investigations. All team members are trained to have advanced dive certifications and must be CPR certified.

City of Suffolk Police Department

Specific training is also necessary such as full face mask, drysuit, and limited visibility certifications. The team trains each month and often trains in conjunction with the Marine Patrol Unit. Monthly training consists of search pattern techniques, basic dive skills, and skill enhancement on specialized equipment such as sonar and underwater metal detectors. The team is responsible for the Department’s sonar systems, which are highly advanced and sophisticated. The team is also certified as swift-water rescue technicians and assist with rescue and recovery in the event of natural or man-made disasters. The team participates in regional operations on an as needed basis.

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