About the Department


Department Mission Statement

We work to provide law enforcement excellence and public service through partnership with our community.

Department Vision

The Suffolk Police Department is a progressive organization committed to fostering healthy community relationships while combating crime through developing effective lines of communication, the application of advanced technology, and the provision of innovative training. We will strive to retain and recruit diverse personnel that are well informed, service oriented, and embrace the ideals of integrity and honor.

City of Suffolk Police Department



We believe in providing the highest level of assistance to those in need, demonstrating our compassion and sensitivity to the needs of our community.


We believe that each employee is an ambassador of our profession and each citizen contact reflects our commitment to quality.


We value long-term vision and leadership capable of adapting to, and guiding change.


We believe that teamwork is the foundation of effective policing, requiring the collaborative efforts of law enforcement and the community.

Risk Taking

We promote innovation and initiative to solve ongoing community problems.


We believe in safeguarding the public trust by our dedication to values that promote honesty, ethical behavior, and treating others as we would want to be treated.


We believe that we are bound to our chosen profession and pledge our commitment to serve.


We believe each employee should strive to offer superior performance in service to our community.

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